Pamela is an avid student of the arts and sciences of ancient India. Her passion for yantras, mandalas and chakras as well as Jyotish (Vedic Astrology), yoga and Ayurveda began out of her own personal quest to find alternatives to western medicine  to enhance her lifestyle and reduce stress.

Over the years, Pamela’s spiritual quest has resulted in meeting and studying with profoundly gifted gurus. For almost a decade, Pamela studied the art and practice of Yantra and Mandala painting with Pieter Weltevrede, who was a principle student of the late Shri Harish Johari. She has attended countless workshops and classes on ayurveda and tantra to include the renowned Dr. Vasant Lad and Dr. Robert Svoboda.

Pamela continues to deepen her wisdom and understanding of Jyotish and tantra with Souvik Dutta, Guru of Ancient Indian Astrology Classes. She maintains a professional astrological practice consulting with clients all over the world. Pamela is also a Jyotish teacher for the Ancient Indian Astrology Classes School.

Mick was born an artist and a musician. His exploration of music and the arts began at a very early age. He connects energetically and spiritually with each piece of art from the very concept to completion.

"Art that captivates and draws in the audience exudes not only energy, but raw emotions and feelings and that does not come from lasers and CNC machines, which only comes from the skillful and careful hands of an artist. I connect energetically with each piece of art from the very conceptual process. Lofting each sculpture out in full scale is a skill I learned building wooden boats. I will devour as much information as possible about the ancient Vedic diagrams and then draw my own conclusions based upon all [the] different writings and my own intuition. If [I am] on the right path, the sculpture will guide me as to how it wants to come to life. Especially if [I] listen and pay attention not only with [my] eyes but also more importantly with [my] heart and hands. I will hand sand for hours upon hours. It is that feeling of the shape taking form, which is critical.” ~ Mick McDonough.

Pamela traveled to India in 2011 to deepen her practice of yantra and her spiritual journey. Within a few short weeks, after staying with the family of Sri Harish Johari, the energy of this tantric master followed her like a sheer mist as she made her way back home to Seattle. Pamela had discovered a strong mystical connection to her spiritual path.

Shortly after her return from India, they had a deep realization; it was time for a major transformation and life path change.

Mick and Pamela who had previously led separate artistic and spiritual passions, fused their artistic and spiritual passions into a collaboration through what they consider to be a divine intervention. Their first series of ancient yantra and mandala sculptures were created. The rest of their story continues to unfold in a beautifully spiritual and fulfilling way.

We call it Cosmic Expressionism. We hope you enjoy them as much as we have enjoyed creating them!

Namaste, Mick and Pamela

Cosmic Expressionists