Through our birth chart it can be determined which Yantra and mantra will best support your life experience right now. Relationships, career, finances, family - any area of your life can be supported by these amazing devices.  

Yantras in many shapes, forms and materials have been utilized in healing for thousands of years in India. They are based on sacred geometry and connect with the elements and the gunas; creation (sattva), preservation (rajas), and destruction (tamas) and the eight key directions. Yantras are really considered a "device". The word Yantra as defined in english comes from the root of the Sanskrit word, which is "yam" which is to control (like in pranayama - control of the breathe). The geometr y, shapes and colors combine to create a "protective devices" for many souls.

They are utilized as a Vastu correctional element (the closest science Vastu could be compared to is Feng Shui) to remediate energy in your home or work environment. This is based upon the fact that structures don't always support a healthy flow of energy and the yantra itself is a "device" that supports the correct flow of energy. 

Yantras also help to "control" energy from planets that are bearing the fruit of your "challenging" karmas that you bring into this lifetime.  From your horoscope it can be seen which yantra will be most supportive for your life experience. Read testimonials from Pamela's clients here:!testimonials/czvm 

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