Mecury Yantra  (Buddha Yantra)

Mecury Yantra (Buddha Yantra)

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Communication, humor and financial gain are fully supported by Jupiter Yantra.

All forms of communication including writing, speaking, sales, marketing and networking are supported by Mercury yantra.


SUPPORTS: Learning, education, writing, communication, earning

For Vastu purposes Mercury energy relates to the N direction, and it is best placed in this direction within the home or office to support the energy of Mercury.

This is a fine art Giclee print of the original sculpture that has been digitally captured at over 14,000 pixels per inch.

All giclee prints are on acid free handmade Hahnemuhle paper. Acid free backing board included and both are sealed in an acid free archival quality bag. This beautiful yantra is ready to frame. 


Please inquire directly if you are interested in purchasing an original Mercury Yantra sculpture. We ship worldwide.