Cosmic Cling Navagraha

Cosmic Cling Navagraha

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This Cosmic Cling image has the nine planet (navagraha yantras on one re-positionable archival print. Keep in mind that the 16"x16" Cosmic Cling is ~ almost twice as large as the 12"x12" in square inches. (12x12=144 sq inches vs 16x16=256 sq inches)

How to care for your archival Giclee Cosmic Cling®

  • Handle with clean hands
  • Clean surface
  • Place on any flat/untextured surface
  • Can be re-positioned up to 100 times
  • No adhesive will remain on your surface after removal
  • Walls, windows, yoga mats, journal covers, luggage, cars, smart phones, tablets, computers, book covers
  • Can be placed outdoors on a clean surface * please note that placing it outside will shorten the archival life span of your Cosmic Cling to ~ 6 months up to one year, depending upon your weather

Custom orders available for yoga studios, homes and businesses up to 4 1/2 ft x 4 1/2 ft. Archival, water based ink, biodegradable, environmentally friendly. Inquire at