Mars Charges into Aries March 23

Just a few days following the eclipse on March 22, Mars will be at the crossroad between watery Pisces and his own fiery sign, Aries. March 22 to March 25, Mars will be very weak due to the boundary crossing between signs. 

After March 25, Mars will be very strong in his own sign through the end of April. 

What is this super strong Mars transit going to support for us?

Mars is the planet that connects to ENERGY. -- our personal energy and our immunity. 

Read the rest of my blog here...find out which rising signs will be able to harness the maximum amount of energy of this Mars transit!

Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn rising you may have the edge on capturing the most energy from this Mars transit. (not sure what your rising sign is? Schedule a reading with me here).

So why these four rising signs, specifically? Because Mars will be in the kendras of the horoscope. The kendras are the “power” houses (bhavas) of the horoscope. They govern our sense of self, our home, personal happiness and comfort, relationships and our karma and career. And when planets reside in or transit these corners of the horoscope they have a very significant influence!

Aries rising will feel this influence most strongly since Mars will be traveling through your first house! Make sure to check any impatience and watch your increase in pitta, particularly if you are prone to pitta imbalance! Eat cooling foods and be sure to get some exercise to burn off any excess energy, and not take it out on your partner or loved ones. You may feel some personal dissatisfaction around your home environment or personal happiness.  

Cancer rising can be very busy at work during this time! With Mars in your tenth house this will place a lot of emphasis on career during this time. You too may also be prone to increased pitta during this transit, so keep a watchful eye out during this time. Limit your spicy foods and definitely no hot yoga!

More on how this might affect the other rising signs in subsequent articles. Please keep in mind that your individual chart, other transits and dasha period can affect the results of this transit!

Thanks for reading my blog. Have a great day and get ready for Mars to charge into Aries next week!



Work with a  yantra for Mars and personalized mantra during this time to harmonize and balance the energy of this transit. Yantra Rx is a fast and simple way to get a copy of your chart so you know you rising sign and what is the best mantra and yantra for you during this time period to harness or mitigate the energy of this Mars transit.

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